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Mr. Ugo Cabret, the founder of UGO CABRET, was created within an ordinary family in Germany in 1849. Because childhood, he has shown a unique rigor and expertise, and has created keen desire for handcraft and machines manufacturing. At the age of 8, he unintentionally approved the glasses And watches shop in the city, and witnessed the individually eyeglasses-creating process of the shop proprietor, which was careful, rigorous, and very luxurious. Small eyeglasses and small anchoring screws and add-ons all be elaborately decorated and refined. This pair of eyeglasses within the eyes from the younger Ugo Cabret has turned into a great thing of beauty. Effort pays off. After years of intensively studies, he started their own eyeglasses hand workshop in 1879, established the prestigious high-end eyeglasses developer brand UGO CABRET in Germany, a cradle of amazing handcraft skills. UGO CABRET

In the hand workshop of Mr. Ugo Cabret, all of the production procedure has demanding standards, from the unique way of cutting frames and great hand engraving at early stage to the details management of the framework LOGO, are embodied the endeavours of craftsmen. Ugo Cabret eyeglasses, in addition to the choice of K gold, 925 silver, titanium, plastic material sheet and other conventional materials, pays more focus on customer must provide clients with valuable uncooked components customization solutions. Expert tradesmen team and different style style have brought Ugo Cabret with numerous worldwide style honors, allowing the brand to rapidly won popularity in aristocratic class globally. Mr. UGO CABRET insists that a set of good eyeglasses should to begin with give people the feeling of yearning for putting on immediately at first glance, a good design should not only target at suitable group and competition, but could also like a painting, precious jewelry or any other art work to be passed lower in every family members, carrying the feelings and thoughts of the loved ones and having the culture and history of a family.

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  • UGO CABRET handed down the behest of Mr. Ugo Cabret. Being a.
  • "Good personnel are constantly better and much more flexible than robots, which is the distinction between.
  • Company Name:UGO CABRET.
  • City, Country: München, Germany.
  • Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 München.

UGO CABRET inherited the behest of Mr. Ugo Cabret. As a traditional eyeglass industry in Germany, the company disarms the barriers imposed by technology and science on conventional handicrafts and retains advanced artisan workmanship and high-finish independent design design. UGO CABRET adds new ideas and revolutionary components to traditional style believed, ensuring item components pureness by independent high-end raw material provide. Each pair of glasses properly-developed and produced by the brand's master group topics to rigid item specifics regular. In spite of scarce production under the precision function, UGO CABRET has always maintained a cardiovascular system of craftsman in the quest for ideal over the years. sunglasses

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"Great personnel are constantly more accurate and more versatile than robots, which is the distinction between products and functions of artwork." In UGO CABRET eyeglass work shop, the creation of glasses, for craftsmen, is not only for flaunting their own brand and items in various countries and regions, but in addition for enough time honored German hand crafted art and design, and even for the confirmation of spread and growth and development of artisan workmanship which pursuing to perfect intoxicated by systems, lifestyle and other aspects. This is the craftsmen’s satisfaction and dedication for their own brand name that incurred some of appear with question and suspicion in the last century. Determination and development is the world's most everlasting theme. UGO CABRET craftsmen never think the so-called “cheap and fine”, the brand’s unique technologies and production specifications make the cost of its item much higher than that produced by automated assembly collection, but all these developed UGO CABRET ".

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Brand is a practice. To devote lifetime to a art, a profession, along with a belief is what UGO CABRET is doing now. UGO CABRET has using its hundred years of artisan workmanship and unparalleled artisan mindset casted a pearl within the history of the worldwide handicraft business!

Along with a belief is what

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Company Name:UGO CABRET

City, Country: München, Germany

Address: Otto-Hahn-Ring 681739 München


Website: http://www.ugocabret.com

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  • Brand is really a practice. To.



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